Website Info

Our website was originally developed by Cathie Collins, who with the support of her son Aaron(Judoka) and husband Kevin(4th Dan Aikidoka), published and host the fully comprehensive site since 2008.  

We owe a debt of gratitude to Cathie for all her hard work in establishing the original site, which served as an invaluable asset following the passing of our O`Sensei, to keep the wider community informed.  Cathie also produced a collage in tribute to Sensei, which I`m sure you`ll agree is an outstanding illustration of Steadmans achievements.

Special thanks also goes out to Tony Davies for all his technical support with the Sanshirokwai website.  He has been instrumental in the development of the revised format and has done a great job. Its safe to say he`s our very own Dan Grade Joomla expert.

The site Admins are Tim Gasser(Judo) and Paul Jenkins(Aikido & Yoga).  Please feel free to Contact Us with any further queries or ideas to improve our site for club members. 

We will soon be searching for any additions to our Club History and Sensei Tribute sections. Please feel free to get in touch with Paul Jenkins(Aikido & Yoga) if you have any photos, video/audio footage or even personal memories which you would like to share with us.  Im sure there must be lots of stories out there which will bring us all a smile.....